Frostmorn Crag

Clearing The Tower of Waiting in Fallcrest
We clear our new home

The adventurers awaken to moans and keening below them in the Tower of Waiting. Marc takes the lead, discovering a trapdoor at the base of the tower’s kitchen, leading into the dungeon ruins. The party advances into the darkness, holding their torches aloft. They enter a long, cold chamber.

Looking around the chamber, the adventurers see four stone coffins, all of which show signs of vandalism and abuse. To the left is a series of six niches, set apart into two groups of three. Two more niches along the wall each hold a suit of armor. On the opposite end of the room is a raised section of floor with a makeshift altar to Tiamat set atop it. The two specters are floating in front of the altar. The specters hiss and shout, “Intruderssss! Intruderssss!”

After battling and defeating the specters, the party searches the chamber. The four stone coffins are searched, but contain nothing but skeletal remains of previous inhabitants of the Tower of Waiting. The two suits of plate armor are searched, and a mysterious ring is found inside one of the helmet visors. Upon searching the altar to Tiamat, the evil dragon god, the party discovers a small bag holding 60 gps. The party takes the bag, and the stone door slams shut in the chamber. After puzzling out what Tiamat wanted, they place the offering back on the altar and the door raises again, allowing the party to exit.

They arrive at a chamber with a 20-foot-tall ceiling. Before them is a 10-foot tall wall blocking their progress. The party can only move into the central chamber by climbing the wall. Marc and Caely successfully climb the wall. Delorien is unable to make the climb, and Kris attempts to scale the wall holding Delorien but cannot scale the wall with the additional weight. Using his superior strength, he bashes down the wall and continues through with Delorien to the central chamber. On the floor beyond the rubble of the wall is a small cloth pouch containing a small silver key, along with a piece of parchment written in Draconian. Delorien is able to translate the parchment, describing the location of a secret door in the alcove to the north. The key opens the door, revealing a secret set of stairs leading down to a final dungeon.

The adventurers follow a long, winding passage from the chamber down into the earth. Eventually, the finely worked stone tunnels give way to natural passages. Finally, the party comes upon a large cavern. The air is unnaturally cold in here. In the center of the room is a large pool of dark water, frozen solid. The cavern is quiet. A roar sounds from behind a large pillar at the rear of the room, and out of the darkness flies a young white dragon. The dragon flies to a spot above the pool and attempts to destroy the party with his icy breath. Narrowly missing Caelynna, the dragon is hit with several blasts from Marc and Delorien. Attempting to reason with the dragon, Delorien asks him his name and what he wants. The dragon booms a reply, “I am Szartharrax. I demand a tribute of gold.” Delorien asks him to leave, and he cries, “Death first!” The party is happy to oblige, and continues the fierce battle. After sliding across the frozen pond, the party counters with further attacks, slaying the young white dragon.

Exploring the cave, they find a small locked treasure chest. Using her skills in thievery, Caelynna successfully picks the lock on the chest, and discovers a piece of dragon hide, 100 gps, a pearl in a small felt bag, and a +1 lifedrinker longsword. The party decides to celebrate clearing their home by relaxing at the Blue Moon Alehouse.

Welcome to our adventures in Frosthold
Frosthold History

In the year 1195 The great Al’ikir forest nation decided to explore an icy land to the west. Two novice explorers, Malcom Ironforge and Regulis Lightbrand, were chosen to lead the expedition. Upon arrival the two explorers and team of guards were greeted by a harsh freezing landscape. Traveling a few miles in they discovered a Rakasha village. The natives were friendly and welcoming, however the guards noticed many of the natives were wearing jewelry encrusted with rare snow diamonds. The explorers and the guards razed the village and seized all the snow diamonds in the area.

In 1197 after having made so much money off of the last expedition, the Tsar of Al’ikir decided to colonize the icy strip of land, naming it Lëd (pronounced Lee-yod)where the Tsar established the city of Altea. Angered by the massacre of a native village, the Rakasha natives began a long, bloody war with the Al’ikan people. Fearful of what might happen to them, the Frost Giants and Oni allied with the Rakasha and led a massive assault on the city of Altea. Unable to grow and prosper due to constant raids of the supply caravans, the city was powerless against the combined might of the three native races. The city was reduced to rubble within the week.

Fleeing the destruction to the west, the survivors found a clan of snow dwarves battling some arctic kobolds. Convincing the two races to make peace, the three groups established the city of Snowfrost and formed the Knights of Ocean Guard to fight of invading threats in the year 1199.


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