Delorian Rainleaf



Role in Story: Controller
Occupation: Druid Guardian
Deity: Silvanus

Physical Description: Human, long brown hair, thin. Bears the “Mark of Silvanus” on her cheek.

Personality: Kind, loves animals and nature. Extremely wise for her age.

Habits/Mannerisms: Speaks Draconic. Sings songs of the wildlands while she travels. Has a hawk named Golden Eye for an animal companion.


Background: Delorien is an animal master. She is gifted with an uncanny ability to befriend and train natural beasts, and is often more at home with animals than people.

Internal Conflicts: Delorien is a child of the wildlands. Born to a far-flung homestead in a wilderness claimed and somewhat tamed by her parents and her extended family. As a child, she did not know the safety of walls, but learned to love her place in nature. This has left her with a deep understanding of the dangers of the wilderness and how to survive them while living in harmony with nature.

External Conflicts:


Delorian Rainleaf

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