Caelynna Moonsong

Eladrin Cunning Bard


Role in Story: Leader
Occupation: Bard
Deity: Sehanine

Physical Description: Eladrin, small and lithe, opalescent eyes, shiny white long hair

Personality: Charming, cunning, playful

Habits/Mannerisms: Speaks Dwarven and Elven. Hums as she walks, tends to talk a lot when she is nervous.


Background: Child of a minstrel family, they traveled and performed for their supper.

Internal Conflicts: A child of the Feywild, she longs to visit her homeland but feels the pull of exploring new worlds.

External Conflicts: Seeker of new lands and lost places, Caelynna is an explorer and master of the trackless wilderness.


Caelynna Moonsong

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